Why Is Cycling Good For The Body? Know About Some Reasons

In this article you will know about some reason Why Is Cycling Good For The Body.

Riding a bicycle seems to be fun, as it reminds us of childhood. But did you know that this “joke” can be an ally for weight loss and quality of life?

When we explain “quality of life” we include a list of results and aspects, including weight loss, muscle toning and a decrease in the stress hormone, that is, the benefits of cycling are for the body and mind.

How to ride a bike?

Not everyone knows how to properly ride a bike, and if you are one of those people, know that there are tips for learning how to ride a bike. Check out!

1. Choose a comfortable bike

The first step is to choose a bike that is comfortable, without gears and that is not tall.

Give preference to lower bikes that allow your feet to touch the ground whenever possible and necessary. In this way, you will feel more secure while learning.

2. Use safety gear

Thinking mainly about your safety, don’t forget to use all the necessary equipment, such as:

  • elbow pads;
  • knee pads;
  • gloves; It is
  • helmet, a fundamental part of the safety kit.

However, know that even after learning, it is very important that you continue with this habit, after all, even those who have extensive experience on the bike are at risk of falling or getting involved in accidents.

3. Know where to train

Opt for roads where the flow of cars, pedestrians and even other cyclists is smaller.

Pay attention to the shape and situation of the street, giving preference to places without obstacles, such as holes and excessive curves.

Look for more remote places, paved and with slight descents, to help in gaining speed and balance.

4. Understand how to use the brakes

Before getting on the bike and riding around, it’s important that you know all the parts that make it up.

Remember, in particular, the brake: know where to press and how to use it, as it is fundamental for those who are learning and also for those who already have some practice.

For beginners, it is advisable to start on foot, walking alongside the bike, to apply the brakes and feel the ideal strength, as well as the right way to apply them. It’s a kind of test.

It is good to point out that some brakes can be on the pedal, and to activate them it is necessary to turn the pedals in the opposite direction, as if pedaling backwards.

5. Do the rowing trick

It’s a very simple step that helps a lot in learning, since you control the bike with your feet.

To do this, leave the saddle, or popularly known as the “seat”, lower than normal, so that you can leave your feet firmly and completely on the ground. Then, use your legs to paddle the bike forward.

The trick to gain stability and confidence is: every two strokes, try to take your feet off the ground for 5 seconds, this way you gain security and balance.

Why Is Cycling Good For The Body

6. Achieve stability using speed

It’s easier to gain balance when there’s speed involved, that’s why we mention the streets with slight slopes, remember?

Subtle descents help to gain speed, which consequently increases the stability of the bike and your chances of balance.

7. Rest

Like any modality, for the learning results to be perceptible, you need to rest.

Before starting the practice, stretch to avoid cramps , muscle pain and tension.

Also, whenever necessary, take a break from the lessons and breathe, drink water and don’t forget that falling is normal when learning a new sport.

Cycling also has many worthwhile benefits. Want to see?

What are the benefits of riding a bicycle?

Cycling is a very promising aerobic exercise. If compared to swimming and dancing, the act of pedaling loses more weight, being possible to lose an average of 700 calories per hour.

Now imagine how many kilos a week you can eliminate just cycling. And the benefits of pedaling don’t stop there.

Below we list some more advantages that this exercise can provide.

1. Slimming

As clarified earlier: yes, riding a bike makes you lose weight! Caloric loss is high, however, like any sport, it doesn’t offer miracles.

If your intention is to ride a bike around to lose weight, know that it is possible, but good nutrition should be added to your routine so that the results are really satisfactory.

Exercise works for weight loss because it speeds up your metabolism.

2. Assists in mental health

Have you ever heard of endorphins? When this substance is released in regular doses, mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress are reduced considerably.

It is not necessary to pedal every day, for many hours straight, for this substance to be produced.

With just 30 minutes, twice a week, you can already support your mental health.

3. Muscular endurance

Cycling is one of the only sports that uses and strengthens almost every muscle in the body at the same time. But muscle endurance in the abdomen and legs region is greater compared to other muscles.

In addition to making this region “stronger”, cycling also tones the butt and can thicken the legs , from the thigh area to the calves.

4. Wellness

In addition to endorphins, activity also produces and increases the serotonin hormone, the happiness hormone!

Serotonin helps, stimulates and increases the feeling of well-being and pleasure, creating a feeling of comfort and tranquility for body and mind.

5. Eliminates toxins from the body

By eliminating toxins through sweat, you’ll notice a decrease in the daily bloating caused by unhealthy foods.

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