What Does CLF Mean on Instagram?

On Instagram the word “CLF” can also refer to “Close Friends List,” which lets users make a list of followers they wish to share their experiences with, privately. When an Instagram user adds someone on the Close Friends List, that person will be able to view their stories content which is only available on the List.

Generate CLF or Close Friends List on Instagram

If you’re among the people who would like to set up CLF, then follow these steps: 

  1. Start the Instagram app and then go to their profile.

     2. Tap those three vertical lines on the upper-right corner on the screen to access the menu.

     3. Choose “Close Friends” from the menu.

     4. Tap “Add” to add followers to the list.

After the list has been created the users are able to publish their personal stories only on the members of their Close Friends List by selecting the “Close Friends” option before publishing their story.

Overall, it is clear that it’s a good idea to use the Close Friends List feature can be a helpful feature for people who want to publish more private or exclusive content with only a small set of users on Instagram.

Why People Make CLF on Instagram

People make close friend lists on Instagram to serve a variety of reasons, but the main reason is to provide exclusive or personal content to a small number of followers. Here are a few of the reasons for why people may utilize Close Friends Lists feature:

  • To ensure the privacy
  • To share exclusive content
  • To develop a greater sense of community
  • To share sensitive or private information

Overall, CLF feature on Instagram is a great option for those who wish to post more private or exclusive content to an exclusive number of followers at the same time maintaining a higher degree of control and privacy of their content.

Type of Content Shared on CLF

The kind of content shared via Close Friends List is dependent on the user’s preferences. The general rule is that it is the Close Friends List is used to post more exclusive or personal content to an exclusive number of followers. Below are some of the most popular kinds of content that users could send to the CLF.

Behind-the-scenes-content: Users can post behind-the-scenes images or videos of their everyday work or life that they don’t want to reveal to their entire followers’ base.

Personal updates: People can share their personal thoughts or updates on their close Friends List, such as updates regarding their relationships, health or any other personal issues.

Discounts or exclusive promotions: Some users could make use of their Close Friends List to offer special discounts or promotions to their most loyal customers.

Sneak glimpses or previews: Users can use their Close Friends List to share sneak peeks or previews for upcoming new projects or contents.

More informal or casual content: Users can make use of the Close Friends List to share more informal or casual content with their close friends including funny images or memes.

The majority of content shared via Instagram’s Close Friends List feature on Instagram is usually more intimate or exclusive and is meant to be shared only with just a few followers, rather than the whole followers.

Sum up

CLF is a useful feature for those who wish to post more private or exclusive content to a limited number of followers, but not share the content with their entire following base. It is also a way for users to retain a higher degree of security and privacy over their content by restricting who can view their content.

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