Know About Easy Steps How To Connect Switch to Tv Without Dock?

Your dock may have been lost or damaged. You could purchase a replacement, but they are pricey. Maybe you just don’t want to risk damaging your Switch’s screen by using the dock.

The plus side is that you can link your Switch to your TV without a dock provided you have the right tools. Here’s how to use a Switch without a dock to connect to a TV.

One of the most adaptable gaming systems available is the Nintendo Switch. Play all your favorite Switch games in handheld mode, then dock your console to view Breath of the Wild’s breathtaking scenery on your TV. However, have you ever questioned how to connect a Switch to a TV without the dock?

Connect a Switch to a TV Without a Dock: Ways to Do

Using a USB-C to HDMI Adapter

A USB-C to HDMI converter is required if you wish to connect your Switch to your TV without utilizing the dock. By utilizing one of these adapters, you may keep your Switch turned on while connecting it to a TV without the dock.

  • The HDMI and USB-C cords from your Switch dock should be unplugged.
  • The USB-C and HDMI ports on your USB-C to HDMI adapter should receive these two cables.
  • A USB-C connector should be included into your adapter’s built-in cord. This must be connected to the Switch’s bottom USB-C port.
  • If it isn’t already connected, connect the opposite end of your HDMI cable to your TV.
  • Utilize the kickstand to support your Switch at an angle so that the rear is not flat. The air vents that prevent your Switch from overheating will be blocked if you set it flat.
  • Select the proper HDMI input for your TV and turn on both your Switch and display.
  • Your Switch can now be played on your TV. As you play, the Switch will charge.

You might be able to connect a wired controller if the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port on your USB-C to HDMI converter is available.

Which USB-C to HDMI Adapter Should You Use?

Despite the abundance of USB-C to HDMI adapters available for purchase, not all of them might be suitable for your requirements. A product that clearly states that it can be used to connect a Switch to a TV would be excellent.

There are a few essential components you’ll need, such as USB-C power input, HDMI output, and USB-C output.

You can use a device that possesses all three of these features to play and charge your Nintendo Switch simultaneously. This eliminates the worry that the battery will run out just as you’re getting ready to take on the last boss.

How To Connect Switch to Tv Without Dock

Other Options

Some options that other Switch users have successfully used.

  • Switch HDMI Adapter Hub Dock
  • RREAKA USB-C to HDMI Multiport Hub
  • Switch Dock for Nintendo Switch

How to Wirelessly Connect a Switch to a TV Without a Dock

Numerous devices, including Chromecast, allow you to wirelessly reflect your device to your TV. You could use AirPlay to cast the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to an Apple TV or other AirPlay-compatible TV, for instance.

However, there is currently no direct method of wirelessly mirroring your Switch to your TV. You can use some gadgets, like the Genki Arcade Shadow Cast, to view the output from your Switch on your laptop.

Then, you could mirror your laptop’s display to a TV, although there might be a lot of lags. This is also not really wireless because your Switch and computer require a connected connection.

You’ll probably have a better experience if you use a USB-C to HDMI adaptor to connect straight to your TV.

Final Thoughts

Finding out how to connect a Switch to a TV without dock, will allow you to play your Switch on your TV even if you no longer have the dock or would prefer not to use it. You can use wired controllers with your Switch using some of the available hubs, which eliminates the risk of Joy-Con drift.

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