How To Tag Yourself on Instagram?

Instagram or commonly named as Insta is the buzz going all around, especially with teenagers. You can witness young busy heads often engaged for major part of the day on their mobile devices. Even if I feel like competing with them for the time spent, can’t ever dare to!! 

Tagging in Instagram helps users to attach a label, or “tag,” to a specific person, place, or thing in their photos or videos. These tags are signified by a username, a location, or a hashtag. 

When someone tags another person or account, the tagged content will get displayed in that account’s “Photos of You” section, and the person (tagged) will receive a report of being tagged.

Tagging on Instagram: Purpose

Users can tag other accounts or people to give them credit for their work

 By tagging popular hashtags or locations, users can increase the visibility of their posts 

Users can tag their friends or followers to build a sense of community on the platform.

Users can tag their events or products to help promote them 

Overall, tagging is wonderful feature of Instagram to connect with others, promote their content, and engage with the platform in a variety of ways.

Tag yourself on Instagram: Benefits

People tag themselves on Instagram for a variety of reasons, including:

Tagging yourself can help your followers and other Instagram users find your posts more easily, which can lead to more engagement and interaction.

Tagging yourself in your posts can help build your personal brand on Instagram. 

Tagging yourself in your posts can help to organize your content and make it easier to find for others to browse and explore.

By using suitable hashtags and tagging yourself in your promotional posts, you can help others find your content.

Overall, tagging yourself on Instagram can help to increase your exposure, build your personal brand, organize your content, and promote your events or products. It can be a worthy tool for anyone looking to build a presence on the platform and connect with others.

How To Tag Yourself on Instagram

Tagging yourself on Instagram is just simple process. Here are the steps to tag yourself on an Instagram post:

  1. Open the Instagram app and reach the post you want to tag yourself in.
  2. Tap on the “…” sign at the top right of the post and choose “Edit.”
  3. Tap on the “Tag People” option and mark the area of the photo where you want to tag yourself.
  4. Type your Instagram username in the search bar, and select your account when it appears.
  5. Tap “Done” and next tap “Save” to save the changes made.

You can tag yourself in a post also when you first upload it to Instagram:

Sum up

Remember that you can only tag yourself in a post if already uploaded the content to your Instagram account. In addition to this, you can only tag yourself in a post that you have permission to edit or that you have uploaded yourself.

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