How To Remove Stains from Bonded Teeth at Home? Let’s Know Here!

Dental bonding is a successful cosmetic dentistry procedure for addressing little imperfections in your smile. Good thing is dental bonding is completely adjustable.

How Does Dental Bonding Help?

  • By addressing dental problems, it conceals flaws in your smile.
  • Tooth bonding fixes color change, fissures, and gaps between teeth.
  • Additionally, teeth that are damaged, worn down, or shorter than usual can be fixed with this process.

Dental Bonding Gets Stained

The substance used in dental bonding is stain-prone despite being effective. The areas of your teeth that have dental bonding may stand out from your natural teeth in terms of color. This is due to how easily the composite resin substance gets stained. It gets stained when you consume colored meals and drinks, smoke, or practice poor dental hygiene.

Of course, you’ll want to get rid of the stains to bring even the color of your teeth. However, because stained resin material does not respond to teeth whitening procedures, it might not be possible. The following natural solutions can be used to both prevent and treat deep stains on bonded teeth.

Here are some pointers for cleaning bonded teeth at home:

Ways to Keep Your Bonded Teeth White

  1. Use a gentle toothpaste: Use a toothpaste with stain-removal abilities to keep your teeth white and prevent stains. However, because they are extremely abrasive, some varieties of toothpaste that remove stains harm the tooth enamel. Avoid brushing your teeth with them as a result. Ask your dentist instead for a toothpaste that removes stains while protecting enamel.
  2. Maintain good oral hygiene: Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day will help prevent stains from developing on your dental bonding. The bonded teeth can also benefit from routine professional teeth whitening performed by a dentist to get rid of surface stains.
  3. Floss and brush on a regular basis: Maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding stains on bonded teeth require daily brushing and flossing of the teeth. Brush your teeth gently in circular motions using a fluoride-containing toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles. To prevent stains, floss between your teeth to get rid of any food fragments or plaque.

     4.Consider using whitening toothpaste: This might assist in removing surface stains from                bonded teeth. A typical whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide, so look for toothpaste that              contains it. Brush your teeth twice a day and follow the toothpaste instructions.

     5.Use baking soda: baking soda would help remove stains from bonded teeth. Baking soda is          a natural abrasive. Combine a little baking soda with

     6.Consider apple cider vinegar: It’s acidic and effective in removing surface stains from                   bonded teeth. Mix some water with the vinegar, then swish it around your mouth for 30 to             60 seconds. After that, properly rinse your mouth with water.

  1. Steer clear of items that stain teeth: The bonding substance is quickly stained by the foods and beverages you consume. Therefore, avoid red wine, coffee, colas, tea, curries, and sauces to prevent the discoloration of your teeth. When consuming drinks that could discolor your teeth, use a straw. They come into less touch with teeth as a result. In addition, you can brush your teeth after consuming something that stains your teeth.
  2. Don’t smoke or vape: These habits discolor your teeth’s bonding, turning it a dull shade of yellow, brown, or grey. Your teeth will become stained as a result of the tar and nicotine. Look for teeth-whitening procedures that are gentle on your gums and teeth if you smoke and have stained teeth.


Sum up

Dental bonding materials are used to treat teeth that have undergone cosmetic or structural bonding. It’s vital to keep in mind that while these home methods might be able to get rid of some surface stains on bonded teeth, they might not work on tougher, deeper stains. Visit a dentist immediately if your bonded teeth are severely stained or if these home cures don’t work.


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