How To Put String Back in Hoodie

You’ve probably had problems with your hoodie’s drawstring in the past. The entire thing may be grabbed out, or worse, one end could be pushed into the hoodie. When it happens, you are left with a loose hood, but this fashion dilemma may be quickly fixed using a few common household objects.

Even if your drawstring is already in its proper location, you may still get creative and swap it out for a new one in a different color or even made of a different material. Although your hoodie is distinctive as a result, you wouldn’t be considered a designer. 

Drawstrings are a fantastic complement to hoodies, but they often come untied. Use a safety pin to swiftly and conveniently insert the drawstring through the entire casing rather than throwing the item away. Use a straw, coat hanger, or pen cap if you don’t have one on hand.

Method 1: Using a Safety Pin

When purchasing safety pins, choose skirt pins rather than regular ones because they are bigger and more durable. Another option is a paperclip! Drawstring ends should be snugly threaded through paperclips.

  1. If the drawstring is lost midway in a casing, pull it out with a safety pin. Pull your drawstring out entirely if it is partially coming out but is still tangled up in the casing. Instead of attempting to thread the drawstring back through the shell without a tool, re-inserting it is simpler.


  1. Place the eyelet with the safety pin. Find the eyelets—the small, circular apertures from which your drawstring protrudes. To access the other eyelet, insert the safety pin into one of the eyelets and pull through the fabric.

Method 2: Using a Bodkin

To save time and effort, get a bodkin. This little device resembles a big, worn-out sewing needle with a big hole at the end. Approximately 4 inches (10 cm) of the drawstring should be inserted through the opening before the bodkin is inserted into the garment’s casing. If your bodkin has a clamp on the end rather than a big hole, open it up and slide the drawstring end underneath before clamping it shut. 

Method 3: Using a Straw

Staple the straw with the drawstring end inserted into it by at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the straw. After that, insert the straw’s empty end through the eyelet. The drawstring will emerge from the opposite side as you continue to drag the straw through the casing.

Method 4: Using a Wire Coat Hanger

Drawstring is inserted via a little hook made by bending the straight end of a wire hanger. When the drawstring emerges from the opposite side, continue pulling the wire’s hook end through the eyelet.

Advice: Be cautious when inserting the wire into the fabric to avoid unintentionally ripping it.

Method 5: Use Pen with A Pocket Clip

A rounded pen cap with a pocket clip should be wrapped with the drawstring around the clip. Next, insert the pen’s other end through the casing. When the pen and drawstring emerge from the other end, feel the pen through the cloth and pull it through the casing.

Use a pen with a pocket clip to prevent accidently piercing your clothing with the exposed point.

Method 6: Using a Toothbrush

An additional option is a toothbrush! To use, drill a hole at the handle’s end, break the head, smooth it with an emery board, and then pass the string through the hole.

Sum up

These are the measures to follow whether you’re trying to update your hoodie or simply put a stray drawstring back in its proper place. Hope you found this post useful. Feel free to add if you know such innovative ways and we will be glad to know them. 

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