How to Make a Paper Popper?

A paper popper is great to scare or play pranks on your friends and siblings. The right method to fold a piece of paper can result in air pockets that, when released, cause the paper to crack with a loud, booming sound. All you require is a sheet of paper, and some wrist strength, and in no time, you’ll be able to have a popper of your own!

Materials Required: 8.5 by 11-inch sheet of paper, color pencils, or markers, colored pencils or crayons

Directions for Making a Regular Popper

Step 1. Make use of the 8.5 by 11-inch (22 to 28cm) piece of paper for printing. If there’s no any printer paper in your hand, you may take a piece of paper from your notebook.

A standard A4 printer paper 8.5 by 11 inches (22 by 28 centimeters) in size, is ideal however you are able to make use of smaller or larger paper, if you prefer. Be sure to ensure you’re using the rectangular type of paper.

Notebook paper won’t be as strong as printer paper, and it won’t produce as loud a sound, but it still performs very well.

The paper doesn’t have be exactly this size but it’s a good size to begin with because it’s easier to fold.

The paper should be laid flat so it is at the top and the bottom.

Step 2. Fold the bottom four inches of the paper up. Fold approximately 2.5 inch (6.4 millimeters) of paper in a horizontal fold, and then fold it in the fold.

Take the paper and fold it to the side, towards the uppermost point.

Use your fingers across the bottom edge to make the fold and hold the fold in the right place.

Step 3. Fold the remaining 2.5 inches (64 millimeters) of the paper upwards. After you’ve finished you should have about 1 inch (25 millimeters) of folded paper left.

If you’re able to have more or less than one centimeter (2.5 cm) it’s fine too.

Step 4. Flip your paper over, then fold the paper in half. You should flip your paper in such a way that the folded portion is now at the bottom, close to you. Fold it in half using the vertical fold.

After you fold it the fold or bar should be apparent once more.

Now you will be able to see a square with the folds to the outside.

Step 5. Make sure you grab the popper on the back of the folded bar at the paper’s top. Find the edge that is folded on the top bar (the section of paper that you folded earlier) and squeeze it with one hand. Grab the bottom corner using the other hand. Then, pull the bar upwards and out while you push the unfolded piece of paper up and down with an opposite direction.

Now you’ll see that you have created two loops or pockets, out of the bar that you folded. Pin the corners at the bottom of your looped papers.

Step 6. Be sure not to pinch any of the folded parts on the sheet. Don’t squeeze the paper too much. Do not hold the folded part that is in the middle or you’ll not be able for it to be snapped. Think of it as sort of holding a paper airplane upside down.

Take a look from the outside of the popper and turn it inwards. It should have formed two air pockets with diamond shapes.

As you snap the popper shut, you’ll release the paper that has been unfolded. Be sure that you’re not grabbing the edge that is on the bottom of the paper that has been unfolded and that it’s free to move.

To make more noise You can extend your legs and open the air pockets a little to get the maximum amount of air.

Step 7. The popper should be snagged down. Then, raise your arm and drop it as if you were breaking a whip or rolling the ball.

The air pockets will whip out, generating a crackling sound. It is possible to snap the paper down on a desk or even snap it into the air.

As you lower your arm back and down, you can snap your wrist in order to add more force.

Sum up

Paper poppers are one of the most popular party games frequently employed in schools. Air pushed into the holes of the paper, causes the flap pop out the other way before making the sound of a loud popping. It is commonly described as the sound of the whip. The majority of papers are suitable for poppers however some are more loud and quieter than others.

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