How To Make a Baby Registry on Amazon?

Making an Amazon baby registry is a terrific method to be apprised of the items you need to buy for your infant and to make it possible for friends and family to give gifts. Setting up a baby registry on Amazon is an easy process.

All expecting parents should create a global registry to help you cut costs on your baby shower and avert embarrassing situations when guests receive duplicate gifts.

I’ll go through how Amazon baby registries operate and how to set one up because it has emerged as the best platform for hosting one.

Baby Registry on Amazon

To set up your Amazon baby registry page, go through these four steps one at a time.

Step 1: Create Your Amazon Baby Registry

On this page, make a new baby registry. A page will appear inviting you to sign in to your account or, if you don’t already have one, to establish one.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information

Fill out the necessary information about you, the baby, and how you choose to receive gifts after signing up.

The delivery address is very important. Select a location where you know someone will always be there to accept deliveries.

Pay attention to the available gifts. This option enables group gifting for things that cost more than a certain amount, registration for a Diaper Fund and registration for Amazon gift cards.

People can give you a gift card with a set credit amount rather than purchasing baby things directly if they sign up for Amazon gift cards. It’s a great option for individuals looking to cut costs. Amazon gift cards are welcomed as a form of donation. They can be used to purchase anything from Amazon.

Finally, allowing group donating for purchases over a predetermined threshold enables donors to make any amount of gift they like. You won’t have to limit your list to items that are reasonably priced.

There are three ways to set your registry’s accessibility:

  • Ensure that everyone can access it and view it online.
  • Limit access to those with whom you have shared it. For this choice, you’ll receive a private URL.
  • Keep the registry a secret. The only people who can see it are the co-registrants and you.

If someone makes a purchase from the register or if there are promotional deals, Amazon will let you know. For exclusive savings, you may also sign up for the Amazon Registry Newsletter.

Step 3: Add Items to Your New Baby Registry

You’ll be taken to a page by Amazon where you may add goods from the list to your just established baby registry. This procedure involves two steps:

  • Check the registry’s list of items. You’ll find a list of baby supplies that Amazon has organized.
  • Go to one Amazon product page and add that item to your baby registry.

It is simple to add, edit, or remove things from the list. You can instantly purchase some of the baby supplies if you need them right now. In the event that you’re unhappy with a product, Amazon even accepts returns.

Quick access links to significant menus, at the top of your registration page include:

  • Registry Options: Here, you can change your settings whenever you want.
  • Add Items: Click this button to start compiling your shopping list.
  • Registration: To share the shareable link with family and friends, use the Share Registry button in this menu.
  • Welcome Box: After completing the baby registry procedure, access Amazon’s surprise welcome box for parents and babies.
  • Completion Discount: Take advantage of special savings of up to 20% off when you finish a transaction with the Diaper Fund. Future mothers can immediately view the total donations if they selected to add a nappy fund in the register settings. The savings can be applied to your Amazon Family or Prime membership as well.

Step 4: Share Your Baby Registry 

The time has come to inform friends and relatives after the baby registry is done.

just Share Your Registry to do this. You’ll be given a URL that you may give to anyone you want to give gifts to. If you like, you can also choose to make the registry publicly accessible.

Your wish list can be sorted by price and priority for those who have the link. To avoid double gifting, all previously purchased items will be tagged appropriately.

What to Include in Your Baby Registry?

It could be trickier than you think to come up with things to put on your wish list. Since most people offer presents after the baby is born, it is advised to include goods you won’t need right away. You should think about including one or two expensive items on your baby registry in addition to the necessities. Essentials like clothing, cuddly toys, and blankets are always a good idea.


Purchasing baby supplies for your child has never been simpler thanks to the Amazon baby registry. Even better, you can pick from a wide range of baby goods on Amazon.

Make sure to prepare a thorough list of the things you desire; include a few pricey products as well to take full advantage of the chance. Your family and friends will undoubtedly enjoy giving your child gifts.

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