How To Get Rid of Clouds in Two Dots?

The follow-up to the wildly popular game Dots is called Two Dots. While the original Dots game relies on free play, there are many more tasks to complete in Two Dots than simply matching colors. This time, there are actual levels to finish, each with its own set of challenges and demands. The number of moves you may make in each stage will also be limited. 

Find some tricks you can remember to use to get rid of the clouds in two dots. 

1.Start the game over without dying

Starting with a good board is essential for swiftly and efficiently completing a level. You can start over in a level without losing a life before you take any action. You are then taken back to the map and given the opportunity to restart. Do this repeatedly until you obtain a board.

  1. By manipulating time, obtain endless free lives

The system timing flaw doesn’t spare Two Dots. Set your clock ahead at least 100 minutes because Two Dots needs 20 minutes to regenerate a life. 

  1. Play from the bottom up

This restriction applies to virtually all board puzzle games. Put your energy into joining the big structures at the bottom and creating squares. The entire board and two columns move down one when two dots at the bottom are connected. 

  1. The tone is set by your initial action 

This complements my first piece of advice. Avoid Z and L patterns because they typically lead to the most mismatches. Keep your first movement vertical or diagonal.

  1. Being square is fashionable

Always be on the lookout for larger squares while you can because the larger square you make will have a bigger impact on your score.

  1. Bombs, a close friend in the anchor levels

You must make a square with a lone dot in the center if you want to make a bomb. The central dot will burst and clear everything around it, while the square will eliminate all identically colored dots from the board. 

  1. The actions of dots at each level

In these levels, pay close attention to how the dots land because it will be essential to forming squares, which should always be your primary objective. You’ll be OK if you use this in conjunction with my advice to start at the bottom.

  1. Steer clear of using isolated single colors as anchors

The worst situation is when a lone dot becomes trapped beneath an anchor. To clear it, create a square of the same color. Always checking that the dots beneath an anchor have a mate is the best practice. When the anchor begins to reach the bottom, they become incredibly simple to clean.

Sum up

If you’re as obsessed to Two Dots as we are, let me know in the comments what hints, strategies, and shortcuts you used to go through the game’s stages the quickest. Do you employ any of the aforementioned techniques, or do you believe there are better methods?

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