How Can You See Who Viewed Your Videos on Facebook?

Got butterflies in stomach to know who viewed your video on Facebook? Want to calm the? The recent fun filled videos you posted, who all must have watched it!! How to know? Keep reading to get all your queries answered.

Why People Upload Videos on Facebook?

People post videos on Facebook for reasons, such as:

  • To entertain their friends and followers. 
  • To express themselves and showcase their talents.
  • To inform or educate others on a particular topic (social or political).
  • To share their experiences of a vacation, a concert, or a special event they attended.
  • To promote a business or product as it is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. 

Where did You Upload Videos on fb?

To know who viewed your Facebook video depends on where it was uploaded to. Did you upload it on:

  • the News Feed? You can’t see who viewed videos that you’ve been earmarked in for that you uploaded.
  • Shared as a Story? You can spot who viewed your Facebook Story. Your Story is active for 24 hours, and you’ll be able to see all the profiles of the people that watched your video. By using a computer or the mobile app, go to your Story and click on viewer count in the lower left corner.
  • or a Live stream?  Yes, you can see who’s watching. Facebook Live allows you to know who is joining and engaging with your video. But when it is over, you won’t see who all watched it.

Though some apps and websites claim they can show you who watched your video, they really don’t work. But needn’t worry as there are still several things you can do to find out!! This article will help you with a few tricks to know who watched your Facebook video.

Know who Watched your Facebook video

  1. Monitor who likes your video posts.

People who like your posts possibly look at your profile, too. To test the theory, create a neutral but interesting post, like a really cool video on any news story, or an interesting scientific finding—something that elicits a response. Those who look at your video most often, will probably like or react to your video post.

Facebook’s privacy policies protect the information of its users, including who views their content. Therefore, it’s not possible to see who has viewed your videos on Facebook unless they like, comment, or share it.

  1. Create about 4-5 video posts over a week’s time.

Are these the same set of people liking or commenting on your video, more than others? Compare responses to all the video posts to find out. People who react to a lot of your video posts may be the one who watched your video to see what you have to say.

  1. Check who looked at your Facebook profile, as this might give you some clues about who watched your video.

Sum up

Posted video of a concert you attended or a business one, it must have been watched by many. Using the mentioned ways, you can now know who watched it.

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