Hitman Holla Cinnamon Twitter Watch The Leaked video

Hitman Holla Cinnamon Tweet is all about the well-known rapper about whom we will examine both his personal and professional life.

Have you heard any songs by Hitman Holla? Does he know you? Where does he live? What was the test that lover of Hitman Holla, put to him?

Afro-American hip-hop performer Hitman Holla is well-known throughout the world for his music. Our Hitman Holla cinnamon tweet post will be focused on his social media, personal, and business existence.

What’s the Recent Information?

Due to his antics, popular American hip-hop and battle rapper Hitman Holla frequently makes the news. He previously made headlines for his attack on his girlfriend and for a personal video that was posted online. However, this time, he is being sought for because of some difficult recordings that were uploaded to the well-known social media app for short videos, TikTok.

Hitman Holla: Who Is He?

He gained notoriety as a result of his participation in rap fights on several platforms, most notably the Smack/URL stage of the Ultimate Rap League. He is from St. Louis, Missouri, and is now regarded as one of the top battle rappers. He is famous for his upbeat performances, witty humour, and forceful delivery. He frequently uses a combination of performance theatre, hard-hitting punch lines, and audience involvement in his conflicts. His posts frequently become viral on Reddit.

Hitman Holla is a well-known battle rap artist who has also worked in the music business. He produced a number of tracks and worked with other musicians to release them in order to showcase his rapping abilities outside the combat rap community.

Hitman Holla has a background in rap, but he also made an appearance on Nick Cannon’s reality series “Wild ‘N Out,” where he showcased his comedy skills alongside other comics. He soon gained popularity among the cast.

What is the Footage About?

The American rapper Hitman and his girlfriend Cinnamon appeared in a video that was posted online and quickly became popular. During that time, a scandalous Snapchat was reportedly sent by the musician to his “Close Friends.”

A footage showing him in the hospital, where Cinnamon had been shot following a house burglary, also became widely popular. He claims that Cinnamon was shot at their home by four male invaders in the widely shared Instagram video. The bullet struck her skull directly behind the back of her head through her cheek. At that time, they prayed for her quick recovery.

Hitman Holla’s Marital Status

The rapper is still single. On the other hand, he is dating YouTuber Cinnamon. Both of them have YouTube channels where they post videos that, depending on the viewers’ preferences, either show their lives as a family or a relationship or both. They used to host Hitman Holla Cinnamon Challenge sessions, Q&A sessions, prank videos, and other stuff to entertain fans on their YouTube account.

Cinnamon is the owner of CINNY, an internet shop, and Cinny’s Food in Atlanta.


A 34-year-old rapper from St. Louis, Missouri, kept up a social media following through his art. A well-known combat rapper, singer, and TV personality is Hitman Holla. He has a devoted following of viewers who like his fun acts. You can become a channel subscriber for Hitman and Cinnamon.

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