From Beginner to Pro: Do You Know How To Run Correctly?

Check out some techniques about Do You Know How To Run Correctly? to start running the right way and shoot in competitions, keeping your health up to date and avoiding injuries.

However, you might be surprised when you learn that there are techniques and that not everyone knows how to run correctly.

In addition, just like any other activity, if performed incorrectly, it can cause some health problems for the practitioner.

On the other hand, if performed correctly, the practice provides better results and causes an increase in the athlete’s or amateur’s performance.

Is there a correct way to run?

It’s good to make it clear that there are other benefits of practicing running beyond the physical, as running correctly releases endorphins and adrenaline, hormones needed to reduce cortisol levels.

Running can even serve as meditation, bringing mental benefit. It is worth remembering that there is no single rule, but rather some techniques that improve, help and prevent serious and permanent injuries.

The correct way can vary from person to person, as each one has a bone structure, a different weight, among other factors that need to be taken into account.

So, keep in mind that when we quote the phrase “ running correctly ” we are talking about more efficient techniques for the development of the sport.

For example, starting workouts on a treadmill is a more efficient technique, as there will be no need for extreme body projections to adapt to uneven surfaces.

What’s the best way to run?

Some techniques can be applied in your daily life, with the aim of improving your performance and increasing your enjoyment of running.

Before going straight to the point, know that running should be seen as a broad process and not isolated, that is, there is no point in changing a single point, or a single step, or adding a technique alone to your training.

It is important to analyze the modality as a whole and not stick to just one tip or a single method.

Do You Know How To Run Correctly

Running techniques

The techniques are linked to many important points, among them the correct posture for running, breathing (which must be done from the abdomen), cadence and mental strength.

Yes, your brain must be your ally when it comes to sports.

Check out, below, the explanation of each of these points, among other key tactics.

1. Body position

Posture in any sport is critical, both for performance and to avoid injury.

In the race it would not be different, since there are some tactics regarding the right position of the knees, hips, arms and shoulders.

Most importantly, you need to pay attention to how to step right . The hip must be immobile to avoid pain in the spine and in the hip itself after practice.

With regard to the knees, do not bend them too much, always leaving them slightly curved when placing your feet on the floor, in order to avoid wear and tear on your knees .

Speaking of feet, they should always touch the middle part of the ground first, never step heavily with the heel.

Finally, remember that your feet should land below your hips and never in front of your body, thus providing a light and silent run, as it should be.

It is normal that when starting this modality you are not able to correctly control the strength of your stride, but, little by little, mastery is being achieved.

Anyone who thinks that running only involves techniques for the lower body is wrong, know that the upper part also interferes with the result.

Therefore, always try to keep your head straight, always looking forward and not at your feet, so that your neck is as relaxed as possible. As well as your hands, to avoid tension in your shoulders and across your back.

Don’t hunch your shoulders, although your arms need to be bent at a 90-degree angle to aid in pushing.

2. Breathing

Breathing works as an ally. It’s no use knowing the right position of the limbs when you breathe wrong, causing greater fatigue than normal.

Correct breathing is not one in which the chest rises and falls each time we breathe in and out, because when we breathe in this way, we only use the upper part of the lungs – which can cause a reduction in oxygen absorption which, in turn, will affect the ability to burn muscle glycogen.

Breathing correctly involves the entire abdominal musculature, and it is known as diaphragmatic breathing, i.e. when the abdomen expands and contracts with each breath of air, taking advantage of all the lung capacity in your favor.

3. Cadence

This information is important, as it is directly linked to your running speed , in order to reduce the amount of energy spent for nothing, since the longer your foot stays in contact with the ground, the more energy your body spends to be able to support your weight. .

Therefore, the correct thing is that your cadence is not low, being considered ideal to keep it above 170 steps per minute.

4. Mental strength

The brain is your ally when it comes to practicing any physical exercise.

It is necessary to reprogram it to re-educate the body, that is, to keep “fresh” everything you have read in this article so that your mind can remain firm to its objective, controlling the correct execution of every detail.

Mental strength is characteristic of the greatest athletes, those who, even when they think they cannot take another step, know that they can do it and even that they can take first place on many podiums.

5. Application of force

You need to know your body to be able to use your strength in the right measure.

The application of force against the ground is what propels you forward, however unregulated force can cause injury and pain.

When using excessive force to land your foot on the ground, severe pain can take over your calf and heel.

To correctly apply force while running, put more power in your thighs and hips and avoid overloading your calf, which is a smaller muscle and has a harder time generating momentum.

These are just a few tips that can help your running, but it’s always good to remember that practicing sports doesn’t work like a recipe for cake.

Therefore, assistance from an area professional is indicated so that you can perform what you want without endangering your health.

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