Complete Guide For Pregnant Women Can Pregnant Women Run?

Being pregnant can lead to fears regarding the practice of more complex sports that require great physical effort, such as running or weight training. Find out what the recommendations are and what is prohibited at this stage.

Before answering in a generalized way whether pregnant women can run or not, it is essential, first, to advise the pregnant woman to consult the doctor responsible for prenatal care.

After going to the consultation and having the release of the health professional, it is possible to continue the practice of physical exercise, as long as you already practiced before becoming pregnant.

In other words, you need to know that there is a consensus in medicine that warns that no pregnant woman should start running or more complex activities during pregnancy.

That is, if the pregnant woman already has the habit of exercising, she can and should continue with the activities. However, in case she is not active, she should not start any sport during her pregnancy.

Can you run during pregnancy?

Generally, if the pregnant woman has a history of physical activities , she can be released to continue with the practice, including running in early pregnancy. However, it is fundamental that, when the pregnancy is discovered, the exercises are stopped immediately until the doctor’s release.

Doctors usually consider running to be safe during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, that is, during the initial three months.

After this period, it is essential that the pregnant woman is accompanied by a physical education professional and, of course, by the doctor who monitors prenatal care.

When continuing with the exercises, the pregnant woman should follow a more relaxed and light workout , allowing the body to adapt to changes and new demands.

Therefore, competitions and marathons should only be held with a participatory purpose.

Training routines need to be adapted to each gestational period, so look for a professional who specializes in running training for pregnant women, so that the practice will be much safer.

Remember that, when you experience any symptoms, such as abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, dizziness or continuous shortness of breath, you must immediately cancel your workouts and seek the doctor responsible for gestational monitoring.

It is also advisable to reduce physical exercises in the last months of pregnancy, because with the increase in weight due to the baby’s growth, the joints and heart can suffer from overload.

Finally, the pregnant woman should wear light clothes that avoid excessive heat during the race, as excess heat can dehydrate and cause fainting.

Can pregnant women run on the treadmill?

Yes, as long as the equipment has a reasonable width so that it is safe and does not run the risk of becoming unbalanced during the activity.

In addition, the treadmill needs to be in a ventilated environment where the temperature does not reach 38 degrees, as temperatures above this mark can cause malformations in the fetus in the first months of pregnancy.

There are some fundamental tips for exercise to be carried out in a healthy way and bring the expected results, such as reducing swelling, reducing hormones that cause stress and tiredness.

Can Pregnant Women Run

13 tips to make this moment safe and healthy

  1. Stay hydrated during and after your runs.
  2. Wear light and comfortable clothes.
  3. If you don’t feel well, don’t go for a run.
  4. In case of dizziness, immediately stop running.
  5. Avoid agglomerations and hot places.
  6. Don’t run outside when temperatures are high.
  7. Eat well before practice.
  8. Do not overdo the intensity of training.
  9. Always talk to the doctor responsible for prenatal care and inform the frequency and intensity of training.
  10. Follow the advice of a professional who specializes in exercise during pregnancy and try to run only two or three times a week so as not to overload your body.
  11. Do not run more than 1 hour.
  12. Stretch before and after your run .
  13. Always start by walking and then running, so that there is no overload on the knees.

How many months of pregnancy can you run?

Following all care protocols, running can be performed safely by all pregnant women in any trimester. That is, pregnant women who are in healthy condition and have the habit of running throughout the pregnancy can continue with the activity until the last trimester.

As long as you are being accompanied by professionals and respecting your body limits, of course. Rest stops should take place whenever necessary.

It is advisable that, in the last month, the expectant mother gives preference to walks. However, if there is no discomfort, pain or excessive fatigue, the pregnant woman can continue with the race as long as the course is considerably reduced.

Remembering that the practice of exercise should be carried out during pregnancy in order to relieve pain and discomfort and not with the aim of breaking records or personal goals.

Finally, be aware of any traces of vaginal bleeding, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, feeling faint and swelling, as these may be some of the signs that the race may be being performed incorrectly.

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