Complete Guide For Pregnant Women Can Pregnant Women Run?

Can Pregnant Women Run

Being pregnant can lead to fears regarding the practice of more complex sports that require great physical effort, such as running or weight training. Find out what the recommendations are and what is prohibited at this stage. Before answering in a generalized way whether pregnant women can run or not, it is essential, first, to advise … Read more

How Does Interval Running Work?

In order to introduce interval running into your training routine, you need to learn how it works. For this, read the following. Interval running is what we call “two in one”, because, at the same time that the athlete reaches a high rate of caloric expenditure, he ends up executing an exercise of short duration. In … Read more

Training For Trail Running: What You Need To Know

Running on trails is different from running on asphalt. Unstable terrain requires much more effort and attention from athletes. Get to know five workouts that will help you in the ideal physical preparation for trail running. Trail running, has gained more and more prominence. That’s because most of the asphalt runners are looking for greater challenges, changing … Read more